There is a lot of shirts out there for training companies and we wanted ours to be different. They don't scream tactical, you can wear it anywhere, but if you know... then you know. Check back for the latest designs and new products coming in the future. All links will redirect to external site for purchase.

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Environment Shirt 2.0

Original shirt now in OD GREEN: What's your operating environment? It's different for everyone whether you are a civilian, military professional or law enforcement officer, but everyone has one. No matter who you are, you have a reason for your training and your environment dictates a lot of that. 


Tribal Shirt 2.0

Tribe is a popular term in our industry now, and for good reason. Family, friends, team, community, and country are some of the defining factors for each person's definition of it. Know who you train for, and use it as your purpose for your lifestyle. This shirt reminds us of that. 


Limited Edition Heritage Shirt

Each year we will produce several "Heritage" shirts to remind us of those that came before us and the reason America produces the best military, police and tactical training in the world. This one is dedicated to the Son Tay Raiders.