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Classes By Request


This class is geared toward law enforcement officers and military but civilians can benefit from it also. We will go over the reason shooters engage non-threats, method to prevent this, program training specifically to identify non-threats, method of identification, and the application of this to the student. We will also discuss how certain techniques conflict with proper target identification and how to avoid this in your future training plans. 


All requests for CQB training are custom tailored for what you need. We will assess your current methods and tactics, identify organic equipment, application of training, and create a training program to fulfill your need as it applies to your mission. Teams and units face different threats and it's essential to understand this so that the training supports the mission set. We can create a program ranging from basic CQB and associated tasks that reinforce fundamentals, or aim to develop a new SOP for how your team operates that is in line with the lessons learned from the years we have spent fighting terrorism. Its critical to maximize the time spent training, and ensure that it is applicable to the customer. The mission drives training. 

Flat Range

Custom range classes can be designed incorporating the same principles as other by request classes. Tailored to fit your specific needs and mission set. This can include Law Enforcement specific, Military, and others.