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BAER Solutions is more than just a training company. It's a solution to your shooting needs, and most importantly its a commitment to be invested in your success. 

Whether its in a open enrollment class or a custom program for advanced skill sets, the instruction you receive will be as tailored to the student as possible. Your needs and application of a skill set is what drives the instruction. 

Our classes give you the tools necessary to set, meet, and exceed the standard you are working toward, and we set one for ourselves too. Giving you the best instruction we can, and ensuring you walk away more prepared is ours. 



The way information is taught is just as important as what is taught. By programming the classes so that the mental pathway is developed correctly, students can achieve a higher level of proficiency in a shorter amount of time. 

Standard courses offered are LVL 1 and 2 Pistol and LVL 1 and 2 Rifle. What separates BAER Solutions in these courses is the attention to detail that each shooter gets. Anyone can lead students through drills, what  separates these courses is the ability to ensure progress for students and give them the tools they need to succeed. If you give the what , you have to give the how and why. 

CQB and custom training courses are also available per request and are personalized to meet the specific need. We'll ensure that the time spent isn't wasted and meets the requestor's intent.

Click on the courses tab to see more in depth information about the courses.

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