28 January 19 | Casa Grande, AZ | Rifle LVL 1

28 January 19 | Casa Grande, AZ | Rifle LVL 1


This is a level 1 Rifle course that will stress fundamentals, and most importantly providing the "how" and the "why" in addition to what you are trying to accomplish throughout the training day. 

By the end of the day each shooter will know where they are at and what to work on as you go forward in your training. This is not a course where you will just be led through drills and told what you are doing wrong. Here we will work on fixing them based on what works for you. Identifying your deficiencies and giving you the tools to improve is the end state of the class. We will progress from fundamentals to multiple target transitions and an intro into movement. 

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This class is meant as an intro to rifle shooting for the AR-15 platform and is considered a level one class. If you wish to use a different style of rifle please email before signing up to confirm with me. We will cover the fundamentals for the majority of the day and focus on diagnosing the shooter's individual problems to ensure progress. 


The class will receive a safety brief, medical plan, loading unloading procedures, range rules, and of course filling out waivers before we begin.


The program of instruction for the day will begin with a standards test, fundamentals, actions such as scanning after an engagement, and progress into multiple target engagements and an intro into movement. 


Have the ability to carry at least one extra mag on your body. Students can use a plate carrier or chest rig system if you want. Duty belts and kit are recommended if that is what you primarily use. 


Minimum round count is 550 for rifle and 100 for pistol. As always, more ammo is better. The pistol is required for the class to train on weapons transitions. 


Once you are registered for this class you will receive a pre-class questionnaire to fill out and return and your class packing list.