5-6 Aug 19 | Florence, AL | LEO/Mil Restricted

5-6 Aug 19 | Florence, AL | LEO/Mil Restricted


This course is designed for LEOs and military only and will cover pistol on day one and rifle and pistol on day two. To register for this class, you must prove you are an active LEO/Mil by sending an confirmation email to drew@baersolutionsllc.com or registering with your department/gov email.

Military training and police training have many similarities and also key differences. The goal of this course is to refine the ability to engage a target accurately, after it has been identified as a threat, and to highlight the shared tactics between the two professions. 

This course is a custom POI for those who protect our Country and communities to enable them to continue this task.

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LEO/Mil Restricted Course

Restricted for active law enforcement officers and military only.

5-6 August 19

0830-1700 Day 1

0830-1700 Day 2

Ammo: 600 9mm, 600 5.56 minimum

Florence, AL

Florence Police Department Training Center

The first day of the course will refine pistol fundamentals, vision, introduction and application of target identification, shot placement, multiple target engagements, seated weapons presentation, movement, and utilizing angles around windows and doors.

The second day will focus on rifle fundamentals, movement, barrier shooting, unconventional shooting positions, utilizing angles around doors and cognitive stress.