YES. The classes are designed to be taken back to back and is the most beneficial way to take them. LVL 1 will set you up with the right foundation to attend the LVL 2 class.

Can i take the lvl 2 course without the lvl 1?

Maybe. Technically you can come to the LVL 2 course if you have been to other reputable instructor’s courses. I will tell you that we have not had a student yet, some of which were very good, that came only to the LVL 2 and thought they didn’t need to be there for the LVL 1.

The LVL 1 course is not your typical class compared to others you may have been to. We will work on the fundamentals in the morning, but will progress very quickly to multi target transitions and intro into movement. All of which you will want to have before attending the LVL 2 class.

How many rounds of ammo will I need?

For pistol classes you will need 600 rounds per day. Rifle classes are 550 rifle rounds and 100 pistol rounds per day.

what does a typical day look like?

Once you register you will receive a timeline and other information prior to attending. Class will start at 0830, we will have a short break for lunch, and we will wrap up around 1700. May go a little longer depending on the class but won’t stop before then unless the range makes us.

Is there more information I will get on the class?

YES. Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with all of the information in it, as well as instructions for the day .

It will include ammo count, location and directions, timeline, packing list, preclass instructions and waiver.


Cancellations happen and we understand that. If you cancel two weeks out or more, you can get a 75% refund of your total cost, or a credit for a future class. If you cancel within that amount of time, you will receive a credit for a future class.